A new dimension in algae-based cosmetics

Oceanwell opens up a new dimension in algae-based cosmetics, setting new standards with the highest concentration of marine active ingredients and sustainably cultivated algae. As pure as a refreshing sea breeze. As invigorating as a stroll on the beach.

Oceanwell has been developed by marine biologists who passionately and skilfully cultivate, tend and harvest Laminaria algae on the Baltic coast off Kiel. The active ingredients extracted from these algae impact in full through this new range of marine cosmetics.

The pure power of sea  Oceanic Collagen - the perfect moisturizer and remineralizer for demanding skin

Oceanwell Basic.Line

Grains of sand on the skin, the taste of salt on your lips and a good feeling from tip to toe. The uncomplicated system skin care from the sea is skin-friendly, natural and pure.

OceanCollagen ProAge Line

It's time to be proud. The new generation of skin care returns to your skin, what has been stolen by time.

Oceanwell and Ocean Collagen combine the best features from marine active ingredients for skin care:

The Oceanwell Basic.Line contains algae extract and sea water nourishing the skin cells with valuable sea minerals, trace elements and active organic ingredients from seaweed. The products are suitable for every skin type. Oceanwell Basic.Line products can be optimally combined among each other. More information»

The Ocean Collagen ProAge Line provide a unique purity. It contains intact oceanic collagen molecules, precious Avellana oil as well as sea water and amber powder. Thus, Ocean Collagen is the ideal supplement to Oceanwell Basic.Line and maintains particularly demanding skin. Furthermore, it effectively and verifiably reduces wrinkle depth. The Ocean Collagen Face Cream was awarded the Diamond SPA 2012 and BSB Innovation Award as "Most Innovative Natural Product 2012". More information»

Biomarine Cellsupport

The new Oceanwell care for highly sensitive skin

Cell protecting care for problematic skin. All Biomarine Cellsupport products are fragrance free and suitable for extremely sensitive skin, e.g. baby skin, eyes, even for mucous membranes and genital area. Furthermore, it is suitable for therapy-accompanying care in case of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Im Jahr 2017 sind wir auf den Biofachmessen vertreten.

Wir freuen uns über Ihren Besuch!

Oceanwell ist in diesem Jahr auch auf der BioSüd am Sonntag, 1. Oktober in Augsburg vertreten.

Sie können Oceanwell auf der BioNord am Sonntag, 15. Oktober in Hannover kennenlernen.