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Oceanwell abroad

You can obtain Oceanwell products abroad through the following distributors:

Austria: In Austria you can find our products in plenty of branches of the drugstore Müller.

Switzerland: In Switzerland, Oceanwell is available through Apricore AG.

Belgium: In Belgium, Oceanwell is available through Metamorfose bvba.

Russia/GUS: For orders in Russia and CIS please contact our exclusive partner Bio-Individualist.
По заказам в Россию и СНГ обращайтесь к нашему эксклюзивному партнеру bioind.de

China: In China, our products are available without animal testing through this online store .
             Link to Chinese Twitter. Link to Chinese Twitter. Here you can contact.

These online stores offer the Oceanwell products:

Visit also our Meeresgarten-Shop:

Oceanwell BasicHighly effective for all skin types

OceanCollagen ProAge LineProfessionals for wrinkles

Biomarine CellsupportFor sensitive, irritated skin