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Consequence is everything.

Sustainability in all areas

Sustainable raw material cultivation:

Our most important active ingredient supplier, the Laminaria algae, is cultivated on the Baltic Sea coast off Kiel in its own aquaculture: with great passion, research and time, a truly sustainable and pure natural product was created. An expression of our lived responsibility for people and the environment.

Use and preserve the power of nature:

Worldwide, Oceanwell uses as the - unfortunately still - only cosmetics brand active ingredients from controlled and environmentally friendly cultivation of native Laminaria algae. A pioneering, intelligent, resource-saving marine use ("extractive aquaculture"). However, this form of responsible dealing does not stop with the oceans.


We also only use paper products that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for the outer packaging. This is a non-profit and global organization that has developed strict standards for economical, ecological and socially sustainable forest management, which it regularly reviews and confirms with the appropriate certificate.

Carbon Neutral:

Oceanwell packaging is another form of environmental responsibility. OceanBASIS, the manufacturer of Oceanwell, is one of the first cosmetics companies to support international climate protection projects and is now officially allowed to label Oceanwell as climate-neutral, as confirmed by the climate protection consultancy ClimatePartner°.


And last but not least, we use DHL's CO2-neutral GoGreen shipping service to ship our products and thus support further international climate protection programs.


We support environmental protection projects

Nature is worth protecting.

Support us to protect nature:

As the first environmental protection project we want to get involved with the sea turtles of Côte d'Ivoire. On the Protect the Ocean page, read how you can help us.


The Sea Atlas 2017

Data and facts about our handling of the ocean