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The power behind it.

Laminaria, marine biologists and a big goal.

Surely you could call our exceptionally effective Laminaria alga mother of Oceanwell. Then, the father is definitely oceanBASIS from Kiel. A team of marine biologists, natural products and skin experts has been researching and developing new marine ingredients here at the sea side for over 15 years.

On the one hand, to help the skin in a natural way to better compensate for the ever-increasing daily stresses.

On the other hand, to protect the sea and to ensure a sustainable synergy of economy and ecology. An ambitious goal. Yes.

But with Oceanwell we have achieved a lot it since 2008. Because this unique care not only gives the skin noticeably more energy, firmness and radiance. The sustainable cultivation of algae also "treats" the marine ecosystem, creates new habitat for juveniles and protects wildlife.

Health from the sea

Active ingredients for your well-being

The natural cosmetics Oceanwell is manufactured by the company oceanBASIS GmbH, Kiel, Germany. oceanBASIS specializes in providing marine natural products for the health and beauty of humans.

Since 2001, a team of experienced marine biologists and natural product experts has been researching, developing and marketing products for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. At the top of the list is the consistent development of marine bioactive extracts (especially algae) and natural marine cosmetics.

Since 2008, the certified natural cosmetics Oceanwell, developed in collaboration with well-known universities, pharmacists and dermatologists, have been marketed. In doing so, the entrepreneurs committed themselves to complying with strict sustainability and quality criteria.

The corporate culture is in the cream:
Focus on the essentials. Oceanwell.

Oceanwell is the world's only certified natural cosmetics that uses active ingredients from sustainably cultivated Laminaria algae. The high quality standards that marine biologists set for their products and the incomparably high concentration of active substances from the sea can be felt not only on the skin: in cooperation, support and unique products.