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Oceanwell. The sea and its treasures.

Beauty needs sustainability.

The oceans are the source of all life. And a universe of highly effective natural talents: algae with their valuable moisture stores, jellyfishes as collagen suppliers.

Even the water is full of vital minerals - not to mention the unexplored organisms. We have set ourselves the task of developing this wealth for your health and beauty.

The result is an innovative natural cosmetics based on concentrated, pure algae extract from sustainable cultivation. Certified to the strictest standards (NATRUE) and thus the first care of its kind in Germany. We called her Oceanwell. Because it achieves its effect through pure naturalness and care.

Combining beauty with respect and responsibility for the marine ecosystem. The basis for this, in addition to a wealth of scientific experience and research, are our 8 commandments. They apply to everything and everyone at Oceanwell - the name says it all finally.

  • We basically refrain from any unnecessary and synthetic ingredients like mineral oils, solvents, paraffins, optical brighteners etc.
  • We meet the strict standards of the NATRUE seal for natural cosmetics, also in production and marketing 
  • We only use selected natural raw materials with particularly high efficiency. 
  • Our marine ingredients have a uniquely high concentration. 
  • Our Oceanwell algae extracts come only from our own sustainable, eco-certified aquaculture in the Baltic Sea. 
  • The algae cultivation led by scientists and environmental biologists contributes to the protection of the sea. 
  • Our outer packaging is produced from sustainable forest management paper and is FSC certified. 
  • Wir unterstützen internationale Klimaschutzprojekte und arbeiten so klimaneutral.
  • We support international climate protection projects and work in a climate-neutral way.

Be sophisticated.

Sustainability in its most beautiful form.

There are a lot of certifications for natural cosmetics - we have chosen the strictest: NATRUE. Because with their comprehensible rules for raw material quality, origin and processing, you can be really sure that you are not only doing your skin something good.

Oceanwell consistently uses only high-quality algae extracts from organic farming, basically uses only paper from sustainable forestry and also supports a number of climate protection projects. That is our claim.


So you can be completely sure.

NATRUE. Natural cosmetics that deserve its name.

"Natural cosmetics" is not a legally protected term, according to many "natural", "ecological" products are there that really did not deserve this name. And unfortunately, the multiple organic labels contribute more to confusion than orientation, as they hardly evaluate comparable criteria. In order to provide more clarity and security, NATRUE, an advocacy group of leading natural cosmetics manufacturers has been founded in Europe. It defines clear standards for "natural cosmetics" and awards the NATRUE seal only to products that meet these highest quality requirements. Thus, e.g. The minimum shares of natural substances, the maximum levels of natural raw materials and the organic content of natural substances exactly regulated. And it also determines which procedures are allowed for the gentle processing of the ingredients. So all natural cosmetics with the NATRUE seal certainly meet all the strict basic requirements for ingredients from nature - such as Oceanwell. Because our products are all awarded the NATRUE label.

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