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Protect the Ocean - our pilot project.

You will not be surprised that it is not enough for us to develop "only" organic certified algae cosmetics. The sea is so diverse, so inspiring. And yet, this source is so sensitive to all life - we must actively protect it. Here it is finally:

The story with the turtle babies.

Protect the Ocean is an initiative launched in January 2015 that specifically engages Oceanwell in global marine conservation activities. Our initial campaign supports the long-term protection of sea turtles near the village of Grand Béréby, Ivory Coast. And not just with 10 cents of every Oceanwell product sold.

We are concerned with the sustainable development of the region, because apart from fishing, collecting eggs and hunting for turtles is one way for the coastal inhabitants to earn money. Four turtle species live in this marine region. They are all in great danger, which in turn reduces the income of the inhabitants. We want to break this vicious circle by showing people sustainable alternatives (such as nature tourism) and actively participating in protection measures - a key factor in the success of the project. For the Ivorian initiators Alexandre Dah and Jose Gomez, however, the sensitization of the residents is the biggest challenge. But in the meantime, fellow combatants have already found their way into the dialogue as "Protecteur des Tortues" and actively campaign for the endangered species.

Great help for the little ones.

The individual measures range from regular daily and nocturnal patrols up to secured transfers of the turtle babies hatched on the beach into the sea. This ensures the migration of the tiny animals from the beach into the water and protects dozens of adult animals from persecution.

Olaf Grell (1956-2019), a biologist from Kiel, has advised the initiators on site. The participating villagers, mostly young people, receive a local monthly salary of about 80, - € for their employment. Up to 15 turtle keepers share the work on a 40 km long stretch of beach. We finance your equipment such as flashlights, tents, markers and other aids.

In November 2017, we took the adventure of watching the tiny turtle babies hatch for a month, the "Protecteur des Tortues" for a month. Which makes one thing very clear to us: in the future, we will significantly expand this commitment. It will grow together with the brand and stay part of it.

Have you ever been turtle godparents?

If you want to promote the project actively - take over but a sponsorship for these endangered paddlers. In thanks of your commitment, additionally to the sponsorship certificate, you will receive a small hand-carved sea turtle made of beachwood by Koné, an Ivorian artist who supports the project with tiny 8-10 cm woody creatures - not only artistically very valuable. Look here and: Care Now! – Protect the Ocean!

By the way, in our Blog, on Youtube and Facebook you will find a lot more about our actions.

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