Marine active compounds

Trust in the power of the ocean
and feel the maritime
natural cosmetics on your skin.

marine active ingredients

Luxury from the sea.

100% Nature. Promised.

Honestly, we're a little proud of that: Oceanwell is the only certified natural cosmetics in the world, the sea substances so highly concentrated and effectively prepared for your skin. How exactly our sustainably grown Laminaria algae provide for more tautness and energy, how we use seawater to the donor of minerals and trace elements, we explain this on the following pages. So much only once in advance: All ingredients, including the fine excipients from aloe vera, jojoba oil and shea butter, meet the requirements of the NATRUE seal for controlled natural cosmetics.


Fewer. For better.

A class of its own - our active ingredients.

The inner values count

All life comes from the sea - so it is not surprising that the human skin cells are particularly susceptible to active substances from the sea. They make your skin as supple and vital as after a beach walk.


Oceanwell is the only certified natural cosmetic in the world that provides the active ingredients of the sea in a highly concentrated form for your skin. The minerals and trace elements of seawater, the unique ingredients of the Laminaria alga and the innovative oceanic collagen

  • nourish the cells
  • donate moisture
  • stimulate the microcirculation and
  • protect the skin cells from radicals

Valuable oils complete Oceanwell's system care for every skin type. Designed specifically for mature skin, the OceanCollagen ProAge Line wraps around your skin like an ultrafine nano-fleece, protecting you from everyday stress and smoothing it out.

Trust in the power of the sea and feel the marine cosmetics on a new level.


Focus on the essentials

Focus on the essentials

Oceanwell is all about naturalness. This means for you: raw materials from nature, sustainably farmed Laminaria algae, fermented highly concentrated algae active ingredients and seawater from the Kiel fjord.

Inspired by the original collagen from the ocean, the oceanic collagen was isolated from Pacific Rhizostoma jellyfish whose stocks are not endangered. They are refreshed by active larvae breeding and thus sustainably managed.

The invigorating marine ingredients are embedded in a few selected raw materials such as aloe vera, jojoba oil and shea butter - pure marine cosmetics on a new level.

All ingredients meet the requirements of the NATRUE seal for controlled natural cosmetics. This provides the customer with clarity and transparency in raw materials, processing and marketing.

The new generation of marine cosmetics.

We think "less is more" and therefore use only a small amount of ingredients. In our glossary you will find the raw materials used by Oceanwell with a short explanation.


Natural cosmetics without compromise

Much does not always help a lot. Especially when it comes to the care of delicate skin. That's why our products contain NO:

  • raw materials from petroleum chemistry (mineral oils, paraffins, silicones)
  • Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and Polypropylene Glycol (PPG)
  • parabens
  • Formaldehyde releasers
  • microplastic nanoparticles
  • synthetic fragrances and dyes

- guaranteed!

Accordingly, they are not only hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, but also certified by NATRUE. And - of course, we do not test Oceanwell on animals, that goes without saying.

We also focus on conservation of our fragrances: Since the rosewood tree has since been classified as endangered, we have replaced its essences with an essential oil from the sustainably grown Hoholz tree. The fresh note of the Lemonengrases remains however.

Fresh scent of essential oils

As a scent of the Basic.Line we use a combination of Howood-oil and lemongrass oil. Both essential oils come from natural sources and therefore contain a wide variety of fragrance components. These include linalool and citral in small proportions.

The scent of the series OceanCollagen was created especially for us. The composition creates a fresh, marine fragrance that remains discreet without overlapping. The perfume oil contains only natural components, including linalool in small quantities.

Your energy package.

The Laminaria algae (Saccharina latissima)

It is the oldest plant in the world, and not without reason: The Laminaria algae living here in the North Sea and Baltic Sea stores highly concentrated minerals and trace elements and forms a kind of protective shield against any harmful influences - such as UV radiation. In addition, it can bind moisture extremely - otherwise it would dry out at low tide. All these abilities Oceanwell uses for its products, because the Laminaria extracts are not only particularly pure, they are also refined very gently, so that the effect can develop optimally:

  • As radical scavengers and with vitamin A for cell renewal 
  • Antibacterial and stimulating for a clear skin 
  • As an energy and moisture supplier for firm skin 
  • As a motor for the metabolism, revitalizing, detoxifying and dehydrating

In short: the laminaria alga is the best ally against the aging process of your skin. And also against cellulite.

Incidentally, Oceanwell contains between 5 and 10% of Laminaria extract, which is significantly higher than in comparable products. In addition, there is a very high proportion of seawater, up to 50% in the marine tonic, which ensures the optimal supply of trace elements and minerals.

The nice thing about it: thanks to the sustainable cultivation of the Laminaria algae here directly on the Baltic Sea coast off Kiel, we also protect the environment through short transport routes. And the sea anyway.


The trace elements from the Laminaria algae - especially the iodine - stimulate the metabolism, which is perceptible on the skin and is a positive sign of the effectiveness of your Oceanwell product. This activation may occasionally cause skin redness. They are short lived and have absolutely nothing to do with an allergic reaction. Because then a strong itching would develop and pustules on the treated skin area form. A small skin redness is only the sign that the metabolism and circulation are stimulated - or in short: the product unfolds its effect.

The boosted circulation brings new oxygen into the skin, waste products are more easily removed, and skin regeneration improves. The nutrient depots of the often leached cells are refueled and enabling to build up the skin's own protective mechanisms.

The simultaneous strengthening of the cell membranes and the binding of moisture sustainably improves the overall appearance of the skin.

That is, your complexion radiates, you look refreshed, fresh and relaxed.


Your personal blue pharmacy.

Sea water and sea salts

Already 2000 years ago, the Greeks guessed that the oceans are much more than a collection of water. And even that resembles the composition of human cell fluid.

„All life has its origins in the sea, and those who open themselves to the sea find stimulation and relaxation.“ (Hippokrates von Kós)

Seawater contains all the vital minerals and trace elements we need for the vitality of our skin. In a form that allows you to fully unfold your vital functions deep inside the cells:

In addition, sodium, potassium and chloride ions improve the function of the skin barrier. Selenium and sulfate compounds increase the resistance to oxidative stress by free radicals and inhibit the body's own inflammation triggers. This phenomenal effect is found in each of our Oceanwell products. Very easily. And purely natural.