Oceanwell's professional care for the cabin includes numerous natural and highly effective care products for authentic thalasso treatments.


The Professional.Line of Oceanwell

Oceanwell enjoys working with beauty salons, spas and wellness professionals. That is why you will find not only the entire care line as salon treatments here - but also exclusive products for an authentic Thalasso therapy.

Salon treatment products of the Basic.Line

The Oceanwell base care is also available as salon tretament products for professional users.

Oceanwell Professional Line - Marine Natural Cosmetics for salon treatments

The salon treatment products of the ProAge Line

OceanCollagen complementary skin care products are also available as salon treatments for professional users.

Oceanwell anti-aging products of the master class

Professional Biomarine Cellsupport

The companion care of Biomarine Cellsupport is also available as salon treatment products for professional users.

Professional products of the Biomarine Cellsupport series

Special Products

Natural and highly effective skin care products for authentic Thalasso treatments - such as natural Laminaria algae flakes, microfine amber powder or mineral-rich chalk from the island Rügen.

Oceanwell Professional special products with pristine bioactive mineral and biological resources from the Baltic Sea


You are a beautician and you want to work with our products in the cabin? Then contact us.

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