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Gentle Cleansing Milk

Effect  Highly concentrated algae extract and pure seawater for daily cleaning. Gentle to the skin, moisturizing and replenishing. The skin is refueling again.

Now in new, sustainable airless packaging!

Delicate, clear skin - moisturizing

Application  Lightly massage in a hazelnut-sized amount - remove with warm water and a natural fiber cloth. Then, take care of the skin with your favorite Oceanwell product. Also important is the regular evening cleaning.

Oceanwell Gentle Cleansing Milk

Refreshing Cleansing-Gel

Effect  Fat-free and soap-free cleansing for the face and as a shower gel for the body. Mildly foaming, refreshing and moisturizing. The marine mineral salts and algae contribute to the elasticity of the epidermis and the skin is fresh and recovered.

revitalizing - refreshing

Application  Massage a sufficient amount on the skin and let it act for a small moment.

Oceanwell Refreshing Cleansing-Gel

Soft Cleansing Foam

Effect  Gentle cleansing for clear, radiant and well-hydrated skin - even if highly sensitive and irritated.

calming - hydrating

How to use:  Use like a shower gel for face and body, a walnut-sized amount is sufficent. For women, men and children.

Oceanwell Soft Cleansing Foam

Stimulating Ocean Tonic

Effect  Highly effective Laminaria extract and mineral-rich seawater clarify and revive the face and activate the regeneration of the skin. The particularly smooth tonic gently prepares the facial skin for following care steps. The ocean tonic is perfume-free and works naturally refreshing by its high seawater content.
Now with a new nebuliser!

clarifying - refreshing - invigorating

Application  For invigorating effect spray directly on the skin with 1-2 strokes or apply with a cotton pad and gently rub off the face. As a refreshing and anti-irritation After Shave.

Oceanwell Stimulating Ocean Tonic

Purifying Scrub

Effect  Gentle, thorough cleansing for every skin with microfine Baltic Sea sand. Very well suited for thin skin and couperose.

smoothing - gently activating

Application  Spread a hazelnut-sized amount on damp facial skin and massage in with gentle, circular movements. Remove with a natural fiber cloth and warm water. For moderate impurities, apply once a week. With increased impurities and cosmetic acne every three days for three weeks, then every four days for two weeks and then "sneak out" every five, six days, etc. until the tube is empty.

Oceanwell Purifying Scrub

Protective Moisturiser

Effect Highly effective protection for the whole day. Light and creamy - your skin feels healthy and full of energy.

Now in new, sustainable airless packaging!

protective - more elasticity and charisma

Application Spread a pea-sized amount with your fingertips and gently apply to face and décolleté.

Oceanwell Protective Moisturiser

Nourishing Skin Care

Effect  The rich care for the needs of dry and demanding skin. Regenerating and supporting especially thin or damaged skin.

Now in new, sustainable airless packaging!

constructive - revitalizing

Application  Spread a pea-sized amount with your fingertips and gently apply to face and décolleté.

Oceanwell Nourishing Skin Care

Glättende Augencreme

Mit dem Mini-Airless-Spender lässt sich das Produkt mit nur einer Hand einfach und tröpfchenweise dosieren.

Wirkung  Konzentrierte Feuchtigkeit aus dem Meer mit Aloe Vera und Hamamelis – gegen Trockenheitsfältchen und Schwellungen. Sie stimuliert die Collagenbildung, vermindert Krähenfüße und Augenringe und verringert Müdigkeitserscheinungen in der Augenregion.

abschwellend – erfrischend

Anwendung  Täglich eine kleine Menge mit dem Finger – von der oberen Nasenwurzel nach außen, unter dem Auge von außen nach innen – auftragen und sanft einklopfen. Der handliche Dispenser ist ideal für unterwegs.

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Oceanwell Glättende Augencreme

Cell-activating Ocean Gel

Effect  The fat-free face mask and highly effective drug package for every skin type. Also suitable as a daily moisturizer for dry skin. As sole day care for lipidhaltiger, impure skin or acne.

NEW now also in the 150 ml pack!

tightening - firming - moisturizing

Application  After cleansing, apply some drops of gel to the face, neck and décolleté, allow to soak in for 20 minutes and, if necessary, remove with water. Combine the Oceanwell products for your individual ocean experience.

Oceanwell Cell-activating Ocean Gel

Vitalising Algae Concentrate

Effect  Intensive regeneration for the face, neck and décolleté. Suitable for daily use and as a moisturizer. Now in new, sustainable airless packaging!

Moisture and regeneration - new energy and resilience

Application  Apply a pea-sized amount to the fingertips and pat gently - starting with the dryness lines. Then apply the Oceanwell Care product to your whale. For mature skin apply morning and evening.

Combine the Oceanwell products for your individual sea experience.

Oceanwell Vitalising Algae Concentrate

Invigorating Lotion

Effect  For smooth skin and vital well-being, enriched with aloe vera and jojoba oil. Also suitable for lipid-containing skin.
Now in new, sustainable airless packaging!

invigorating - velvety soft skin feeling

Application  Apply the lotion evenly to the cleansed facial skin and gently massage in. For the whole family to use as a refreshing and invigorating emulsion. For the whole body - also for the feet.

Oceanwell Invigorating Lotion

Regenerative Oil

Effect  Laminaria oil in a composition of pure, high-quality vegetable oils relaxing and revitalizing. Without preservative substances. For daily skin care as well as body and face massage.

regenerating - stabilizing

Application  Apply the oil to the skin and massage gently. Combine the Oceanwell products for your individual ocean experience.

Oceanwell Regenerative Oil


The Oceanwell Sample-Set consists of
Seven Products in sample size:

 - Cleansing Milk 15 ml
 - Moisturising Creme 5 ml
 - Nourishing Creme 5 ml
 - Activating Ocean Gel 15 ml
 - Cleansing Gel 15 ml
 - Body Lotion 15 ml
 - Body Oil 15 ml


You receive the products in a sturdy cardboard box, which also appeals as an "ocean gift".

Maritime natural cosmetics - of course without compromise.

Oceanwell Sample-Set

Hand & Nail Cream

Effect  Highly concentrated algae extract and pure sea water care for and protect stressed and dry hands and provide lasting moisture. Jojoba oil, aloe vera and shea butter give the skin suppleness and make the hands soft to the touch.

velvet-like hands

Application  Apply light cream evenly to hands, nails or other dry areas, e.g. elbow, apply and massage.


Oceanwell Hand & Nail Cream

Oceanwell BasicHighly effective for all skin types

OceanCollagen ProAge LineProfessionals for wrinkles

Biomarine CellsupportFor sensitive, irritated skin