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Getting older is beautiful.

The new Anti-Aging Concept: OceanCollagen ProAge Line

It's time to be proud of all the experiences we women have made.

The many mistakes we've learned from and the 1000 good things we've done over time. It was nice to be 25. Being 45 is great. Especially when you can radiate exactly this feeling: full of self-confidence and energy - without worrying about a pale complexion, tired contours, wrinkles, age.

And that's why it's time for a brand new form of care: OceanCollagen Pro Age Line. The first natural cosmetics with uniquely high-purity, oceanic collagen. An innovative care concept that will finally give your skin back what time has taken away.


Clean & Care Cream

Effect  This mild cleansing cream provides your skin already with the first oceanic collagen and, consequently, with valuable humidity. Natural amber powder noticeably stimulates cell metabolism. The skin becomes clearer, fresher and regenerates overnight.

stimulating - pore-deep cleaning

Application Simply apply in the evening to the damp face and massage gently. Then remove with the enclosed silk cloth and lukewarm water. The natural silk structure ensures a deep pore cleansing so that your skin is now optimally prepared for the intensive care of OceanCollagen.

OceanCollagen Clean & Care Cream

Face Cream

Effect  Sophisticated skin deserves it, our rich, intensely moisturizing face cream. The unique oceanic collagen and natural seawater with its minerals help it every day anew to defy the signs of the times:

the metabolism is activated, the cell membranes are strengthened and supplied with moisture throughout the day. Precious avellana oil and oryzanol intensify the ProAge effect with their regenerative powers. Tired skin becomes alive, firmer, clearer and naturally protected from environmental influences.

rich - nourishing

Application  After cleansing, apply evenly and gently in the morning and evening.

"Green Glamor"

an international jury on Oceanwell Face Cream said and voted it the "Most Innovative Natural Product 2012". Furthermore, the Face Cream was awarded the "SPA Diamond 2012".

OceanCollagen Face Cream

Protecting Serum

Effect  In order to be able to deal relaxed with the many burdens of our time, demanding skin needs special protection: Our serum with its precious extract of the red alga Palmaria is a true all-rounder. Its special amino acids and radical scavengers make the skin more resilient, support its own protective mechanisms, replenish nutrient stores and prevent premature aging.

protective - regenerating

Application  As a perfect complement to the Ocean-Collagen Face Cream - just apply gently with your fingertips and pat. Best starting with the wrinkles, avoid the eye area.

OceanCollagen Protecting Serum

Cell Boost Elixir

Effect  Optimal moisturization and a stable collagenous support fiber is the secret of young skin. That's why our cell-building elixir is particularly rich in oceanic collagen and marine minerals. Like a gossamer fleece, it lays on the skin, giving it over a long time very intense moisture and thus reduces fine dryness wrinkles. It has a strong tightening effect, the skin looks much smoother, lively, full of charisma and energy.

padded - moisturizing

Application  Apply sparingly with your fingertips and pat gently - starting with the wrinkles, avoid the eye area.


OceanCollagen Cell Boost Elixir

Oceanwell BasicHighly effective for all skin types

OceanCollagen ProAge LineProfessionals for wrinkles

Biomarine CellsupportFor sensitive, irritated skin