Maritime natural cosmetics
on a new level

Oceanwell offers natural maritime cosmetics on a new level: With the highest proportion of active ingredients from the sea and sustainably grown algae, Oceanwell is setting new standards. Pure as a refreshing breeze and invigorating as a walk on the sea.

Oceanwell natural maritime cosmetics

Oceanwell Basic.Line

Every day a day by the sea. Sand grains on the skin, salty taste on the lips and a good feeling from head to toe. The system care from the sea is uncomplicated and well tolerated, completely natural and pure. A cosmetic for every skin type and for every situation. For all who do not make it to the sea every day.

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Oceanwell Basic.Line

Oceanwell Professional.Line

The Professional.Line for beauty salons and SPAs. The series from Oceanwell is also available as cabin products for professional users. The Oceanwell product range includes numerous natural and highly effective care products for authentic Thalasso treatments - such as natural Laminaria algae flakes, microfine amber powder or mineral-rich Rügen chalk.

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Oceanwell Basic.Line

Biomarine Cellsupport

Gentle care for sensitive skin. The perfume-free special care with Laminaria complex and natural seawater for the sensitive and irritated skin, baby skin as well as the mucous and intimate area. Also suitable for therapy-accompanying care in atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

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Oceanwell Biomarine Cellsupport

OceanCollagen ProAge Line

OceanCollagen ProAge Line. It's time for a whole new form of care: The first natural cosmetics with uniquely high-purity, oceanic collagen, the perfect moisture storage and mineral supplier for demanding skin. A new generation of care that will finally give your skin back what time has taken away.

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Oceanwell OceanCollagen

The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft honors the research activities of oceanBASIS with the seal of quality "Innovative through Research".