Sustainable use of the oceans is the basis for peace and prosperity

Marine protection means securing prosperity

Protect the Ocean - the Oceanwell campaign to protect the oceans

Oceanwell stands for sustainable use of the oceans. With the "Protect the Ocean" campaign, Maritime Natural Cosmetics is actively involved in protecting the oceans and their fauna. The first project of a long-term commitment is to protect the sea turtles on the beaches of the Ivory Coast. There, the marine biologists from Kiel support the coastal residents of Grand-Béréby in the protection of species, also with the aim of sustainable development of the region. For every Oceanwell product sold, ten cents go to our partners in West Africa.

With the "Protect the Ocean" campaign launched in January 2015, Oceanwell is taking concrete action on global marine conservation, as demanded by the United Nations in October last year to protect marine biodiversity.

At the heart of the project, which is being carried out in collaboration with the Ivorian initiators, are sea turtles on the beaches of Côte d'Ivoire, near the village of Grand Béréby.

Four turtle species live in this marine region, they are all in great danger. One reason for this, in addition to fishing, in whose nets the animals are caught as by-catch, is the coastal inhabitants, for whom collecting eggs and hunting for turtles on the beach is a tradition. Therefore, the participation of the population in the protective measures is an important success factor.

For the Ivorian initiators Alexandre Dah and Jose Gomez, sensitizing people to their coasts and turtles is the biggest challenge. In the meantime, fellow combatants have already found their way, who speak to humans as „Protecteur des Tortues" and actively support the endangered species.

Please visit also the multilingual Website of the Ivorian NGO CEM.

Hunting or egg-collecting is often the only source of income for the coastal inhabitants. This has led to a strong decimation of the turtle population and thus to a further restriction of the income opportunities of the villagers.

We want to break this vicious circle by showing people sustainable alternatives, e.g. Nature tourism. The measures range from regular daily and nocturnal patrols to transfers of turtle babies hatching on the beach into the sea.

This ensures the migration of the young animals from the beach to the sea and also protects dozens of adult animals from persecution.

The biologist Olaf Grell from Kiel advises the initiators on site. The participating villagers, mostly young people, receive a local monthly salary of about 80, - € for their employment. Up to 15 turtle keepers share the work on a 10 km long stretch of beach.

Recently, Olaf Grell has brought equipment such as flashlights, tents, markers and other aids to Grand Béréby. These items are funded by Oceanwell.

We will expand this commitment even more in the future. It will grow together with the brand and remain part of it.

With every purchase of an Oceanwell product, 10 cents go directly to the Sea Turtle Project in Grand Béréby.

Through videos or slideshows on Oceanwell's YouTube channel, Facebook and this home page, Oceanwell regularly reports on the project on the West African coast and other "Protect the Ocean" actions.