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A universal genius: uncomplicated - for all skin types. For women. And men. With the highest percentage of Laminaria extract (5 - 10%), it not only gives you lots of energy and moisture. It also boosts the metabolism of your skin and is a great ally against premature aging. As always with us, you can combine all the products - from cleansing to elixir - as you and your skin need it. Test?



Our specialist for extremely sensitive skin (including baby skin, eye, mucous and intimate areas). Perfume-free, with laminaria complex and natural sea water, it smoothes your skin. Remineralizing and even suitable as a therapy-accompanying care series for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. And you can combine all products with each other, for example, with a few drops of oil in your cream to make it an intesive mask. Try out?


OceanCollagen ProAge Line

The nurturing series that gives back to your skin what time has taken away. With high purity, oceanic collagen, it is a unique, perfect moisture storage, mineral supplier and highly effective in supporting the protective mechanisms of your demanding skin. Of course, the same applies here: Combine the products together to give you your own individual level of care. Curious?


Oceanwell Healthfood

New food for the skin... in the truest sense of the word: We have developed active ingredients from the sea and the coastal region so that your skin is also protected and cared for from the inside. The bioactive ingredients are extracted by an innovative, particularly gentle process so that they have an enormous amount of vitamin E and K available to protect the cells from oxidative stress. Our first health food product "my Skin Shield" contains regional active ingredients from the coast. Interested?

Packshot mySkinShield

Oceanwell BasicHighly effective for all skin types

OceanCollagen ProAge LineProfessionals for wrinkles

Biomarine CellsupportFor sensitive, irritated skin