Active ocean protection
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Common Good Economy Certified
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Sea. Knowledge. Protecting.

We want the world to be a little better, a little more beautiful.
That's why we developed Oceanwell - the first certified natural cosmetic from the sea. Highly effective. Pure and unadulterated. For Oceanwell, we only use active ingredients from algae that come from sustainable aquaculture or ecologically compatible hand collection.
The cultivation of algae is particularly gentle, does not require fertiliser, pesticides or other substances that end up in the sea, and it even forms a habitat for countless creatures - that is our basic idea:
Use and protect the sea. To this end, we conduct research together with universities and research institutions worldwide. Marine biodiversity is the basis of our innovations.

These are our values

- Responsibility for people and the environment, especially by protecting the oceans

- Sustainable use of resources

- Respect and fairness

- Freedom and creativity

Our team lives the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

This is particularly important to us:

Life in the sea (SDG 14)

We research ecosystems and marine natural products and use our knowledge for the sustainable use of marine resources.

Climate protection measures (SDG 13)

We use natural resources sparingly, actively protect the oceans and review our actions via CO2 balances.

Health and well-being (SDG 3)

Natural and certified organic natural cosmetic ingredients according to NATRUE certification guarantee healthy skin care.

Sustainable consumption and production (SDG 12)

Our products are in harmony with nature - for people and the sea. And we are always looking for new solutions!

Decent work and economic growth (SDG 8)

A trusting corporate culture, individual development, freedom and creativity shape the way we work together.