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Skin care is a sensitive topic. Many of us are used to conventional cosmetics or are not aware of the special effects of marine active ingredients. We therefore want to answer the "frequently asked questions" about the use of Oceanwell natural cosmetics as clearly and comprehensively as possible. We have summarised these answers for you below. They are constantly updated and we hope to keep you well informed and enlightened.

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Q&A – Active Ingredients in Oceanwell

The main active ingredients in our products come
  1. from our own developed and manufactured algae extracts
  2. from carefully filtered seawater and
  3.  from pioneering technological work resulting in oceanic collagen with the highest water-binding capacity.
Optimised extraction techniques enable us to control the extraction of the broadest possible spectrum of active ingredients from the various algae.
Algae are real wonder bags when it comes to so-called secondary plant substances. They synthesise an immense variety of biologically active substances that unfold various functions in the metabolism. In addition to antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamins, our algae extracts also contain special algae sugars, peptides, amino acids and of course: the valuable trace elements of the sea. Without going into detail: it is precisely this combination of various bioactive components that neutralises oxidative stress factors in a particularly lasting and long-lasting way.
This concentrated power of moisture binders and metabolism boosters makes the skin glow again. For this purpose, we have developed a globally unique fermentation process (we call it "MAEE - Macro Algae Excelling Extraction") to get the best out of the algae.
These active ingredients, which are suitable for all skin types and ages, have been carefully embedded in the simplest possible basic formulas with high-quality plant oils, such as shea butter, jojoba oil and almond oil, to optimally nourish the skin and lock in moisture.
All ingredients naturally meet the high standards required of all NATRUE-certified natural cosmetic products. The formulas all come from our own laboratory and were developed and tested together with dermatologists and beauticians.

Marine algae ensure our survival and that of all other living creatures on earth, because they produce the most oxygen on our planet. They also play a crucial role in the marine ecosystem as a source of food and habitat for all other marine organisms.
There are microalgae and macroalgae. So far Oceanwell only uses macroalgae in its products, but we are also researching interesting active ingredients from microalgae, e.g. special antioxidants, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.
There are three major groups of macroalgae:
Green algae (approx. 8,000 species): predominantly in freshwater - ancestor of all land plants predominantly in freshwater ancestor of all land plants. almost exclusively marine algae - raw material for the production of agar-agar and carrageenan almost exclusively marine algae Production of agar-agar, carrageenan exclusively marine algae - up to 50 metre long tang exclusively marine algae
Red algae (approx. 3,700 species):
Brown algae (approx. 1,500 species):

The composition of minerals and trace elements in seawater is almost identical to that of human blood plasma. Oceanwell uses sterilized seawater of tested medicinal quality.

The natural minerals and trace substances it contains

  • preserve the moisture layer of dry skin
  • have a regulating and balancing effect on skin with a high lipid content/oily skin
  • protect and regenerate sensitive skin
  • firm and revitalize mature skin.

Overall, the skin's supply of essential substances and blood circulation are stimulated. It looks healthy and visibly firmer.

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In all three of Oceanwell's natural cosmetics ranges - Basic.Line, Ocean Collagen and Biomarine Cellsupport - we use broad-spectrum preservatives made from various nature-identical individual substances dissolved in glycerine, all of which are NATRUE and BDIH-compliant and are considered to be well tolerated by the skin.

The starting components benzoic acid, sorbic acid and benzyl alcohol are originally fragrances and flavorings found in various plants, but are now produced synthetically. The preservative is also eco-certified and approved for natural cosmetics in accordance with Annex 6 of the Cosmetics Ordinance.

In some formulations, the corresponding salt of the acid is used instead of the acid form, i.e. sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate.

Benzyl alcohol (INCI: Benzyl Alcohol) is contained in jasmine, ylang-ylang, gold lacquer and tuberose, among others. It is considered a recommended preservative; the German Cosmetics Ordinance permits it in a concentration of up to 1% of the total product.

Benzoic acid (INCI: benzoic acid) is originally found in benzoin resin, but is also found in blueberries and cranberries, honey and dairy products. Benzoic acid is used as a preservative in the cosmetic and food sectors.

Sorbic acid (INCI: Sorbic Acid) is found in nature, for example in the fruits of the mountain ash (Sorbus aucupuria), which gave the substance its name. It has a growth-inhibiting effect on yeasts and fungi and thus extends the shelf life of cosmetic products and foods.

Like any preservative, all three substances can cause intolerance; however, compared to other products, these three are generally well tolerated and safe in the recommended concentration.

The term "perfume" in the INCI list is a standardized term for fragrances that does not contain any evaluation of the ingredients. It is also intended to protect the manufacturer's formulation from imitation.

The NATRUE seal excludes all non-natural ingredients. The potential allergens contained in fragrances (e.g. linalool, citral, geraniol) must be listed separately.

For the Oceanwell Basic.line we use a mixture of essential oils from wood and lemongrass for fragrancing. The products in the Biomarine Cellsupport range are completely fragrance-free. The OceanCollagen range is scented with a fragrance developed by French perfumers. This also contains a component from brown algae.

The Face Cream takes a different approach to the Basic.Line: The oceanic collagen in the OceanCollagen series leaves a moisturizing film of collagen fibres on the skin, whose native structure forms a kind of "micro-fleece" without clogging the pores.

The products in the OceanCollagen series are an ideal complement to products in the Basic.line. Why not combine the ocean gel with the face cream to experience the positive effects of both series.

You can find more suggestions for combining in our Oceanblog article "Welches sind die beliebtesten Produktkombinationen?".

A distinction is made between contamination by heavy metals or other toxic substances and over-fertilization with nutrients (eutrophication) and the associated lack of oxygen.

Algae accumulate toxins when present in seawater, so it makes sense to cultivate the algae: the values are checked twice a week on our certified organic farm.

Pollution of the water through eutrophication, on the other hand, encourages algae growth; and algae produce oxygen, which improves the water quality.

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Q&A – Care tips for special skin conditions

Oceanwell is generally suitable for all skin types, but there are differences in the method of application and the products used. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, it may react differently. A slight reddening, for example, is usually a sign that the cream is starting to work and is helping to regenerate your skin.

We have articles with care tips for various skin conditions such as couperose and rosacea in our Oceanblog published.

If your skin reacts to the products with redness, you can find more information in the article "Hautrötung nach Anwendung der Produkte" useful information.

Yes, the Oceanwell "Biomarine Cellsupport" range has been specially developed for irritated and very sensitive skin. It is well-suited for therapy-accompanying care for neurodermatitis, as confirmed by a clinical-dermatological study with the Moisture Cream from "Biomarine Cellsupport" on 20 test subjects: 90% of the test subjects say: "roughness is reduced", "helps with dry skin" and "is very well tolerated", 80% of the test subjects say that the "skin becomes soft and supple" and 70% say that the "irritated skin is soothed".

A user study also shows clear benefits after using the "Nourishing Cream". You can find more information in the article "Produkttest der Nourishing Cream bei Farbenhaut".

Heidi Welz, sales assistant and cosmetician in the Oceanwell team, recommends the marine gel as a moisturizer under the cream (apply thinly). Apply a cream on top as desired, e.g. the protective moisturizing cream or the nourishing care cream.

Do you like it fragrance-free? Then consider the Moisture Cream (a light moisturizer) from the Biomarine Cellsupport line, or if you need something richer, the Nourishing Cream.

You will notice that everything is absorbed by the skin and you will not have a "creamed" feeling. This is because we only use the best natural ingredients and everything is metabolized by the body. If the cream is not rich enough to begin with, simply add a few drops of the light Restructuring Oil.

Experience shows that the marine active ingredients help to strengthen the fine vessels of the facial skin and thus alleviate the symptoms of couperose.

During the first applications - especially when switching from conventional cosmetics to natural cosmetics - redness may initially occur, which subsides after 2-4 hours. This can be explained by the circulation-promoting effect of the marine active ingredients and should be seen as a positive sign of effectiveness.

The ocean gel applied in combination with the care cream in the evening has proven to be a good care product for couperose.

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In winter, the skin is particularly stressed by heating and dry, cold air. We therefore need to help it retain moisture.

Our richer creams are particularly recommended in winter. The care cream or our face cream, for example, is sufficient for this. If you need more, we recommend mixing a drop of nourishing oil into the day cream.

You can also read our article "Die richtige Pflege für die kalte Jahreszeit" on the Oceanblog.

In our opinion, sun protection and natural cosmetics are not yet satisfactorily compatible. The sun protection factor pigments made from zinc and titanium oxides that are permitted in natural cosmetics also have negative effects - particularly on the marine environment. In addition, skin tanning is a natural protective mechanism that we do not want to prevent.

Algae contain natural protective substances against damage caused by UV light, but these are not comparable with the legally regulated sun protection factor. However, natural antioxidants help to reduce the damage caused by sunlight. You can boost this effect by eating a balanced diet rich in phytochemicals.

You can also read our articles "Lichtstress und natürlicher Sonnenschutz" and "5 Tipps für strahlende Sommerhauton the Oceanblog.

Reddening of the skin should only occur during the skin's adaptation phase to the new product and should disappear after 3 to 4 applications. During this time, the marine active ingredients intensively replenish the nutrient depots of the often depleted cells and sustainably improve the skin's own protective mechanisms.

The minerals and trace elements of the seawater and the special algae sugars of the Laminaria algae are in a bioavailable form and therefore penetrate easily into the living skin cells. The increased blood circulation brings new oxygen to the skin and facilitates the removal of waste products and skin regeneration. This mode of action guarantees a lasting improvement in the appearance of the skin by simultaneously strengthening the cell membranes and binding moisture.

The activation of the skin's metabolism may result in occasional reddening of the skin. This is a positive sign of the effectiveness of Oceanwell. However, these should be of short duration (approx. 1 hour) and can be alleviated with a soothing pack, e.g. with Rügen chalk.

This skin reaction has nothing to do with an allergic reaction!

An allergic skin reaction to a component of the product would cause severe itching and pustules to form on the treated area of skin. Reddening of the skin is rather a sign that the skin's metabolism and blood circulation are being stimulated - or in short: the product is starting to work - the skin is working.

You can also read our article "Hautrötung nach Anwendung der Produkte" on the Oceanblog.

The process of cell division and the resulting cell requirements are the same for every person.

  • Babies "only" need healthy light care, as the skin is fully functional.
  • Men's skin is more tightly interlocked in its elastin fibers than women's skin and has a higher lipid content. Light, fast-absorbing products are suitable for this.
  • Women are a little more demanding and use the right care depending on their circumstances and age.

When using our product ranges, it therefore depends on the concentration and the combination. Good advice - especially at the beginning - is particularly important to us so that you can soon enjoy a new skincare sensation.

We represent an authentically purist and customer-oriented application and sales policy. We want our customers to experience maximum effectiveness with as little product and financial outlay as possible - without any superfluous consistency providers or marketing measures.

The experience of our beauticians and our customers confirms the many possible combinations of the products and the positive effects on different skin conditions.

Don't be afraid to experiment and combine the products yourself. It is almost impossible to use them incorrectly.

Read a few suggestions in the Oceanblog article "Welches sind die beliebtesten Produktkombinationen?".

Q&A – Product knowledge

Oceanwell is unique on the cosmetics market with its natural marine cosmetics. Our products contain a fermented algae extract from cultivated organic algae and natural seawater.

The proportion of these active ingredients is particularly high (at least 5% and up to 36% in the algae active ingredient concentrate). The various algae substance groups (marine minerals, algae sugars, etc.) act synergistically and therefore moisturize the skin particularly effectively, supply the cells with energy and thus activate cell metabolism and cell renewal.

Our Maritime Natural Cosmetics are also certified with the particularly strict NATRUE-seal for natural cosmetics.

The products in the Basic.line and the Biomarine Cellsupport series do not contain any animal ingredients and are therefore vegan. As the oceanic collagen is obtained from invertebrate root mouth jellyfish, the OceanCollagen range is not vegan.

We have decided not to invest any additional costs for a vegan logo, as the strict NATRUE guidelines already exclude raw materials from vertebrate animals.

You can find more information in our article "Garantiert tierversuchsfrei" on the Oceanblog.

All products have a 6-digit number on them, the so-called batch number. It indicates the date of manufacture and can be read as follows: JJ MM xx (internal numbers)

Example: 200317 was manufactured in March 2020.

Please add 3 years to this date, then you have the best before date.

No, that is not necessary. Most Oceanwell products are protected by special airless dispensers, which are particularly hygienic as neither air nor skin germs can get into the product during pumping.

Once opened, the products have a shelf life of at least six months under normal conditions. During this time, the product is consumed with daily use.

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From the very beginning, our marine biologists have focused on keeping the skin healthy in the long term. This has resulted in nourishing products.

Healthy skin has a radiant, natural complexion and hardly needs any additional color. It would be a new challenge to use color pigments from the sea to beautify the skin.

Skin looks beautiful when it is healthy. We achieve this natural skin appearance with many natural active ingredients from the sea.

Our customers are convinced of the positive effect of Oceanwell and remain loyal to the products. If you want, you can of course change your care products without hesitation.

The products in the Oceanwell Basic.Line are based on the active ingredients algae extract and seawater and are therefore vegan products.

The use of our specially developed "oceanic collagen" is therefore only reserved for the non-vegan OceanCollagen range.

By combining the products, however, you can enrich your basic products with the Cell Boost Elixir, for example.

Also take a look at our article "Ozeanisches Kollagen polstert Fältchen auf und regeneriert die Haut" on the Oceanblog.

The marine tonic contains a high proportion of seawater, which brings the typical Thalasso effect into your bathroom.

The marine minerals and algae active ingredients are in a bioavailable form and can therefore be absorbed very well by the skin layers.

Excess salts can remain on the surface of the skin and initially cause a feeling of tightness. In this case, we recommend applying an additional cream containing lipids.

When treating rosacea (and couperose), products with a high proportion of algae active ingredients (marine tonic and algae active ingredient concentrate) and peeling should initially be avoided.

The more the skin gets used to the sea minerals, the better these products will be tolerated.

The vaso-strengthening and circulation-promoting effect of the marine active ingredients becomes visible with continuous use of Oceanwell products, as the poorly supplied epidermis is better supplied with nutrients.

Read also our articles "Was sind Couperose und Rosazea?" and "Produktwahl bei Couperose und Rosazea" on the Oceanblog.

The Oceanwell Basic.line includes various cleansing products, as cleansing the skin in the morning and evening is an important part of good skin care.

The surfactant-free but oil-containing products cleansing milk and scrub dissolve make-up pigments better than the oil-free cleansing gel (and cleansing foam). They also do not dry out dehydrated skin.

The mixture of make-up and cleansing product must be naturally removed from the skin, while the nourishing creams remain on the skin to supply the skin with active ingredients.

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Kirsten Gnutzmann, Sales manager and master beautician at Oceanwell says: "Yes, you can. We encourage our customers to use the products creatively.

Whether you use the algae concentrate as a moisturizing treatment, stir it into the cream as an active ingredient extra or use it as a base under your skincare is up to you.