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Sea garden - algae power for your kitchen 

Our organic seaweeds are not only delicious, they provide you with minerals, vitamins and healthy energy. They also protect the sea because they are harvested carefully and respectfully and processed into food. 

The algae come from certified, sustainable harvesting. So that the largest ecosystem on our planet can recover a little - just like your body.

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Marine diversity on your plate in organic quality. 

We select only the best seaweed from certified organic, sustainable harvests in Europe for our products. They are dried exclusively in a natural way in the fresh sea air. Seaweed makes an important contribution to a balanced diet, as it is a natural source of fibre, minerals, antioxidants and protein. In addition, with each small pinch of sea you take in iodine and vitamin B12, among other things. Especially for vegan or vegetarian diets, algae with their nutrients offer a valuable supplement. 

In addition to the quality of our algae, sustainable processing and packaging also play an important role for us. For example, Meeresgarten algae are packaged in cooperation with regional workshops for people with disabilities. And we donate 10 cents per product sold as part of the oceanBASIS initiative "Protect the Ocean".

The free spirit among edible algae

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Heart and soul for your dishes

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The harmoniously balanced algae mix

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Kombu for royal cuisine

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