Active ocean protection
Production site Schleswig-Holstein
Common Good Economy Certified
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Some foods act like an elixir of beauty for the skin. Their ingredients protect, stimulate blood circulation or combat minor impurities.
As marine biologists and natural product researchers, we know what marine active ingredients can do. That's why, with Oceanwell, we want to unleash the potential of active ingredients from the coast and the sea - for holistic and natural skin care. From the outside AND from the inside.
Beauty comes from within with active ingredients from Oceanwell
my Bodyguard, 100 Kapseln
Protection for skin and thyroid gland, with fucoidan from brown algae (Fucus vesiculosus)

0.05 kilogram (€798.00* / 1 kilogram)

my Skin Shield, 90 capsules
Antioxidant skin protection with carotenoids from kale and sea buckthorn

0.04 kilogram (€997.50* / 1 kilogram)