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Our initiative "Protect the Ocean"

Protection of sea turtles in Côte d’Ivoire

Oceanwell stands for sustainable use of the oceans. With the "Protect the Ocean" campaign, Maritime Natural Cosmetics is actively committed to protecting the oceans and their fauna. The first project of a long-term planned commitment serves to protect sea turtles on the beaches of the Ivory Coast.

There, the marine biologists from Kiel support the coastal inhabitants of Grand-Béréby in protecting the species, also with the aim of sustainable development in the region.

Ten cents of every Oceanwell product sold goes to the partners in West Africa.

Measures to protect sea turtles on site

In a region where collecting eggs and hunting turtles on the beach is a tradition, it is not only necessary to raise awareness, but also to open up alternatives. Therefore, the turtle conservationists working as "Protecteur des Tortues" in Côte d'Ivoire conduct education on site and actively campaign for the endangered species.
Their measures range from regular daily and nightly inspections of the clutches to transferring the baby turtles hatching on the beach to the sea. This ensures the migration of the hatchlings from the beach to the sea and also protects dozens of adults from persecution.

Your purchase helps!

With every purchase of an Oceanwell product, 10 cents go directly to the sea turtle project in Grand-Béréby on the Ivory Coast. This can protect 3 eggs.