Active ocean protection
Production site Schleswig-Holstein
Common Good Economy Certified
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Home-Spa-Set SommerPower
The perfect care for the summer

€65.90* €79.40* (17% saved)
Home Spa Set Laminaria intensiv
Intensive care through the combination of algae active agent concentrate with care oil

KombiBox Sensitive Skin
The "Sensitive Skin" product range offers special protection and care for sensitive and irritated skin.

0.63 Liter (€158.57* / 1 Liter)

KombiBox "Kiel Highlights"
All algae, made in Kiel! Maritime natural cosmetics, wellness tea and organic algae flakes for consumption.

KombiBox "Ocean for Men"
Male grooming for sea dogs and those who want to become one

0.28 Liter (€284.29* / 1 Liter)

Home-Spa-Set Nordisch. Klar.
Mild cleansing foam and palmaria oil for radiantly beautiful skin

Oceanwellcome Gift Set
High-quality maritime care

Home Spa Set "Summer companion"
With clarifying peeling and cell-activating sea gel, carefree through the summer!

Home-Spa-Set Meer Rasur
Mild cleansing foam and cell-activating ocean gel for a gentle shave.

Home-Spa-Set "Inner Strength"
Nourishment for the skin from within: NEM "my Skin Shield" and organic algae flakes for consumption

Home-Spa-Set "Best Ager"
The Clean & Care Cream and nourishing care cream for intensive care and anti-wrinkle freshness cure.

Home-Spa-Set "Frische Meeresbrise aus Kiel"
Mild cleansing foam and invigorating marine tonic for gentle and effective cleansing.

Testing Set Basic.Line, 7 different samples
Try the active cosmetics from the sea for healthy skin

0.085 Liter (€274.12* / 1 Liter)

Testing-Set, 5 different samples
Try the active cosmetics from the sea for healthy skin, samples

0.055 Liter (€307.27* / 1 Liter)

KombiBox "Ocean Wellness"
Die Power aus dem Meer für Deine Haut