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Care tips

We are constantly working on care tips for you. We collect and publish them in our Oceanblog.

Have a look: Care tip of the month Pflegetipp des Monats (German)

What skin type do you have?

rosy, smooth, matt sheen, neither too dry nor too greasy, fine-pored, well perfused.

Fine-pored, dull, tends to wrinkle, feeling of tension. The skin feels rough, it is brittle, easily cracked and can flake. A distinction is made between low-fat and low-moisture skin.

Oily area on forehead, nose and chin, dry eye and cheek area.

Increased sebum formation, large pores, greasy, shiny. Tendency to pimples and blackheads.

Tendency to eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis (atrophic eczema). The products of the Biomarine Cellsupport series are particularly suitable here!

Hypersensitivity to heat and products that promote blood circulation. In the inflammatory form, nodules and possibly pustules appear in addition to the vasodilatation. Algae active ingredients have an activating effect at first and strengthen the vessels when used regularly. For more information, see our blog:

Hilfe bei Rosazea

The skin is very sensitive to products and stress and prone to allergies. Visible veins, mostly on the cheeks. Avoid heat.

Efficacy. For the skin. For the sea.

Cosmetics - aren't they just nice creams in pretty packaging? Nice promises? Just "cosmetics"?

Not with us. Oceanwell is the result of years of research - and a lot of passion from us, a team of marine researchers, biologists and skin experts from Kiel. Three highly effective skincare ranges that are tailored to different skin requirements: Oceanwell Basic.Line, OceanCollagen, the ProAge Line. And Biomarine Cellsupport for particularly stressed skin. Always from sustainable cultivation, always NATRUE-certified. Why? Firm, energetic and healthy skin is always our goal - and we will do (almost) anything to achieve it. But we also believe that beauty should not come at the expense of our planet. Everyone talks about the environmental impact on skin - but who talks about the impact that skincare has on the ocean? Plastic waste, microplastics and harmful sunscreen filters are just the tip of the iceberg.

So if you want to do something good for yourself, your skin and the sea, you've come to the right place.

That is why we at Oceanwell use the almost inexhaustible reservoir of phenomenal marine active ingredients particularly carefully and protect this "blue pharmacy", e.g. through our own certified organic algae culture. We prepare the active substances in specially developed processes so gently that they can unfold their full effect. For more real beauty - and less chemistry.