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Protect the Ocean - a statement

Actively protect the oceans with Oceanwell!
"Protect the Ocean" is the name of Oceanwell's marine protection initiative. It is about the interaction between humans and the ocean, but also about protecting the oceans from human exploitation.
Ten cents of every Oceanwell product sold goes to "Protect the Ocean". We use this to support projects that are actively involved in protecting the oceans - currently our project partners in Côte d'Ivoire (West Africa) and the environmental organisation One Earth - One Ocean e.V. (OEOO).

Why is Oceanwell committed to protecting the oceans?

We humans are completely taking over the last undisturbed habitat on earth, the oceans. Unfortunately, this use is not sustainable. Despite the immense size of the oceans, we are already seeing large-scale and in some cases global impacts on the coastal and marine ecosystem.

Marine pollution and overfishing are the most prominent impacts, but new activities of exploitation are also being prepared by parts of the industry. Science and politics sometimes get carried away to legitimise these activities. One example of this modern exploitation culture is the large-scale industrial extraction of rare earths from deep-sea soils. What effects this extraction has on biological, non-biological and - via changes in ocean currents - climate processes, no one can foresee today. Nevertheless, parts of the industry continue to push ahead with the plundering of the oceans.

The precautionary principle, which is contained in the World Charter for Nature, in the founding document of the EU as well as in the Rio Declaration (Agenda 21), is often enough ignored or undermined. As long as it costs nothing to take this risk, this exploitative behaviour will exist.

Most of us cannot escape a certain co-responsibility for this (unfortunately) typically human behaviour. Almost all people share responsibility for the plundering of the oceans because we have conditioned our consumer behaviour accordingly in recent decades. Therefore, it is important to initiate and support purely protective measures in addition to the principle of sustainable use of coasts and the sea.

This is the motivation behind our "Protect the Ocean" initiative. With it, we want to make a constant contribution to the protection of the oceans and coasts as directly as possible.

The pilot project in Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa

The first project of "Protect the Ocean" started in 2015 and takes us to the people of Grand-Béréby in the southwest of the West African state of Côte d'Ivoire. Together with the villagers, the Ivorian initiators of the project and Oceanwell protect endangered sea turtles .

With 10 cents, the turtle conservationists of Grand-Béréby can ensure that three baby turtles reach the sea safely.

Recovery of ghost nets in the Baltic Sea

Since 2020, we have also been supporting a local project in the Baltic Sea with "Protect the Ocean". Oceanwell is cooperating with the association One Earth - One Ocean e.V. (OEOO) and supports the deployment of the waste collection ship SeeKuh, which serves as a base for research divers to recover ghost nets.
Ghost nets are abandoned fishing nets that can become death traps for marine mammals, fish, seabirds and molluscs and also break down into microplastic particles over time. An estimated 10,000 nets are lost in the Baltic Sea every year.
There is a detailed report in the Oceanblog Bericht zur Geisternetzbergung in 202 (German)

You want to support "Protect the Ocean"?

By purchasing a wooden turtle  made by the Ivorian artist Koné, you can sponsor an endangered sea turtle.

In addition, 10 cents of every Oceanwell product sold will go to the initiative.

We are official partner of the CINEMARE Marine Film Festival