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Common Good Economy Certified
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Oceanwell is committed to the common good

With its company oceanBASIS GmbH, Oceanwell is an agile player in the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) and is certified according to the criteria of the ECG.

What is the Economy for the Common Good?

- The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) is a reform movement that aims to fundamentally orientate economic activity towards the democratically defined common good. The focus is not on competition and profit, but on cooperation and increasing the common good. The most important values at Oceanwell have been firmly anchored in the company's DNA since oceanBASIS GmbH was founded: 

  • Human dignity 
  • solidarity and justice 
  • ecological sustainability and transparency and 
  • co-decision-making 

are also the most important values in the Economy for the Common Good. It was therefore only a natural step for Oceanwell to actively participate in the ECG. Take a look at our sustainability report. You will learn a lot about Oceanwell and the people behind it (German):