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Recovery of ghost nets from the Baltic Sea

Marine conservation as a matter of the heart

Since 2015, Oceanwell has been promoting marine conservation projects with its "Protect the Ocean" initiative, in particular the protection of sea turtles in West Africa. Now there is a new project in domestic waters: We are cooperating with the environmental association One Earth - One Ocean e.V. (OEOO) in the recovery of so-called ghost nets from the Baltic Sea.

Ghost nets are abandoned fishing nets that can become death traps for marine mammals, fish, seabirds and molluscs and also break down into microplastic particles over time.

The rubbish collection vessel "SeeKuh"

According to a recent survey, 5.7% of fishing nets, 8.6% of fishing baskets and 29% of all fishing lines are lost worldwide every year.
In the Baltic Sea, it is estimated that 10,000 nets are lost every year. As part of the new campaign, Oceanwell is supporting the deployment of OEOO's rubbish collection vessel "SeeKuh", which serves as a base for the research divers of the Scientific Diving Association e.V. Kiel (SDA). During these diving missions, net fragments as well as fishing lines and pilkers (artificial lures) are located and recovered.

Awareness of the issue of marine conservation

  Oceanwell's cooperation with the OEOO association is long-term. Over the next few years, salvage operations to protect marine ecosystems will take place again and again. While ghost nets and plastic waste will be fished out of the sea as part of the campaign, all those involved are also concerned with raising public awareness of the issue of marine protection. For the team behind Oceanwell, marine life is the source of all research and development. Through our maritime natural cosmetics, we make active ingredients from the sea usable for people. Thus, the sustainable use of resources and the commitment to protecting the oceans are also inseparably linked to the Oceanwell brand.