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How to order? 

How to buy in the Oceanwell store 

Welcome to the Oceanwell store, your personal access to Oceanwell - here you can buy natural marine cosmetics directly from the manufacturer. And benefit from the service and information. The Oceanwell store is available online around the clock, 7 days a week.

Private customer or B2B customer? 

As both private customers and specialist customers can order from us, we have set up a separate "channel" for both customer groups. As a private customer, you log in at the top right under the "Private customers" tab. You can also recognize this channel by the dark blue bar.

Professional customers are tradespeople who also have access to our Professional.line. Professional customers log in at the top right under the "Professional customers" tab. You can recognize this channel by the magenta bar.

As a new specialist, you must first register. During the registration process, you must upload a document to prove your identity (e.g. trade license).

You can search the store in different ways: 

  • Browse - click through our range of products using the categories in the top navigation bar.
  • Search - if you are looking for a specific item, use our search function. The input field is located at the top right of the page.

Help with the search function

The search function searches all articles and all descriptions for the term(s) you have entered. If you enter several terms, simply separate them with a space. All terms will then be searched for (in an "or" combination).


Simply select items from the categories in the top menu, either by selecting the products directly via the drop-down submenu or by clicking on the category (e.g. "Face"). If you move the mouse over the products on a category page, a magnifying glass symbol will become visible. Clicking on this symbol or on the image will take you to the detail page of the respective item.

There you will find all the information you need about this product, e.g. application, ingredients, volume, etc. Under the "Sea value" tab you will find interesting additional information about the product.

Next to each item in our store you will see the shopping cart symbol. This allows you to add any item directly to your shopping cart. Of course you can also delete it at any time. You can also add products to your shopping cart directly from a category page by clicking on the shopping cart symbol under the magnifying glass.

Shopping cart

If you have placed an item in the shopping cart, you will be confirmed via an extra window and you have the choice to go to the shopping cart, go directly to the checkout or continue shopping by closing the window. You can access the shopping cart at any time via the shopping cart area at the top right. It can be accessed from any page and always shows the order total of the products in euros (gross) that is currently in the shopping cart.

Continue purchasing:

Simply select additional items from the categories in the top menu, either by selecting the products directly via the drop-down submenu or by clicking on the category (e.g. "Face").

Change order quantities:

If you want to buy more than one item of an article, you can change the quantity under "Quantity". Then click on "Update" to see the changed price.

Remove item from shopping cart:

Click on the box to the left of the item image in the table - a tick will appear. Now select "Remove" under the table on the left. The item will then be deleted from the shopping cart. You can also simply remove all items from the shopping cart by clicking on "All" and then on "Remove".

Submit order:

If you would now like to order the selected items, please click on "Checkout" and follow the simple step-by-step instructions for online ordering. Once you have submitted your order, you will automatically receive an immediate confirmation email.

View shopping cart:

You can check which items are in your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the shopping cart link above the main menu.

Enter coupon code

In the field below the shopping cart table, you have the option of entering a voucher code that you have received via our newsletter, an advertisement or another promotion. The value of the voucher will be credited to your order.

Redeem bonus points

To redeem your bonus points, you must redeem them at the "Checkout". If you have already collected bonus points through previous orders, a slider will appear at the bottom which you can move to the right to redeem all or part of your bonus points.

As soon as you have clicked on the "Redeem bonus points" button, both the redeemed bonus points and the resulting value will appear in the following overview.

Your account

You can access your personal account by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner, which appears when you have logged in with your email address and password. In your personal account you can view or change your personal settings, such as delivery and billing address, order status, etc.

Submit reviews

If you like our products or would like to leave a review, you can do so in the "Reviews" tab under the product images. You must be logged in to leave a review.

We hope you enjoy shopping!

Further order options

If you would like to place an order, you can of course also do so by other means than via our Internet store:
You can reach us by phone Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm. If you are looking for an item that could fit into the Oceanwell range but can't find it, please let us know.
We will be happy to find a solution for you. Write to