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The Laminaria algae (Saccharina latissima)

It is one of the oldest creatures in the world, and not without reason: The laminaria algae living here in the North Sea and Baltic Sea store highly concentrated minerals and trace elements and form a kind of protective shield against any harmful influences - such as UV radiation. In addition, it can bind moisture extremely - otherwise it would dry out at low tide. We use all these skills for our products, because the Laminaria extracts are not only particularly pure, they are also refined very gently, so that the effect can develop optimally:

  •     As radical scavenger for cell renewal
  •     Antibacterial and stimulating for a clear skin
  •     As an energy and moisture supplier for firm skin
  •     As a motor for metabolism, revitalizing and detoxifying

In short: the laminaria alga is the best ally against the aging process of your skin. And also against cellulite.
Incidentally, Oceanwell contains between 5 and 10% of Laminaria extract, which is significantly higher than in comparable products. In addition, there is a very high proportion of seawater, z. Up to 50% in „Marine Tonic“, which ensures optimal supply of trace elements and minerals.
The nice thing about it: Thanks to the sustainable cultivation of the laminaria algae here directly on the Baltic Sea coast off Kiel, we also protect the environment through short transport routes. And the sea anyway.

Mode of operation

The trace elements from the Laminaria algae and also the iodine stimulate the metabolism. This stimulation is noticeable on the skin and is a positive sign of the effectiveness of your Oceanwell product. The boosted circulation brings new oxygen into the skin, slag is more easily removed, and skin regeneration improves. The nutrient depots of the often leached cells are refueled and built the skin's own protective mechanisms - including rosacea and couperose. The simultaneous strengthening of the cell membranes and the binding of moisture sustainably improves the overall appearance of the skin. This activation can occasionally cause skin redness. They are short-lived and have absolutely nothing to do with an allergic reaction.
In other words: the product unfolds its effect. Say, your complexion radiates, you look fresh and relaxed.


Please refuel.

Seawater and minerals.

It resembles the composition of human cell fluid and contains all the vital minerals and trace elements we need for the vitality of our skin. In a form that allows you to fully unfold your vital functions deep inside the cells:
In addition, sodium, potassium and chloride ions improve the function of the skin barrier. Selenium and sulfate compounds increase the resistance to oxidative stress by free radicals and inhibit the body's own inflammation triggers. This phenomenal effect is found in each of our Oceanwell products. Very easily. And of course.

Important to know:

  •     We only use fresh seawater from the Baltic Sea and no sea salt solutions.
  •     The cross-flow filtration with 0.2μ filter size even removes nanoparticles and bacteria from the water
  •     It has scientifically confirmed alleviating forces and can be applied as accompanying skin care for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis


The professional for wrinkles.

Basically: collagen, a protein, keeps connective tissue & Co. elastic, but with increasing aging the body produces less and less of it. Conventional collagen is obtained from fish or bovine placenta. Not only does it pose some risk of allergies, it's also not as "biocompatible" as Oceanwell's oceanic collagen.

The jellyfish from which we extract the collagen are very original organisms, their collagen has a much less differentiated structure than in higher organisms (fish, cows). So your skin can benefit much more from the benefits of collagen: It forms a "micro-fleece", a kind of protective shield on the skin, reduces the so-called transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and also binds also very much moisture. The gentle swelling of the upper skin layers also narrows wide open pores. The skin appears finer and clearer. In addition, the microfilm fills in the wrinkles. And since wrinkles are the result of a massive loss of moisture, fewer new ones are created through the sustainable preservation of moisture. In addition, minerals and trace elements derived from the sea remineralise leached skin cells and make the complexion radiant again. (more)

The jellyfish that we use for OceanCollagen are so-called root mouth jellyfish (Scyphozoa).
They consist of 98% seawater. Their water-binding collagen structures bind this high water content, giving the jellyfish its elastic shape. Thanks to the gentle processing, the triple twisted, helical structure remains undamaged ("native") and thus retains its flexibility. With the unique formulation of OceanCollagen products, the collagen protection film can develop its moisturizing effect optimally and in the long term. In principle, like a depot, in which also the other marine ingredients (minerals, trace elements) can work optimally.

For the production of 1 liter of our collagen about 1 jellyfish is needed. From which about 400 cream dispensers of 30 ml can be produced. Thus, the need for jellyfish is at a very low level. But what is especially beautiful: We have to counterbalance the jellyfish bloom or "Jellification of the seas". Because of climate change, the number of jellyfish in the sea z. T. dramatically, which in turn decimates the fish stocks even further than they already are. So a pretty good combination of skin care and marine protection. Or?

In the glossary you will find a short explanation to all other ingredients.


Oceanwell BasicHighly effective for all skin types

OceanCollagen ProAge LineProfessionals for wrinkles

Biomarine CellsupportFor sensitive, irritated skin